Have you ever wanted to fly and see the world from a bird’s eye view? Have you ever dreamed of being a pilot, but felt certain the dream was out of reach? We offer you an exceptional experience: flying in a two-seater plane and trying your hand at piloting under the guidance of an experienced flight instructor.

Flight path

The plane takes off from Šoštanj and continues across the Logar Valley and along the Austrian border. It then veers around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps at Mount Grintovec, flies past Krvavec and the Velika Planina alp, until it finally flies over the town of Mozirje and Lake Velenje, and lands back at Šoštanj airport.


60 min

No. of people


Activity includes

a plane flight, an experienced instructor, presentation of flying, pilot training, possibility of asking any questions regarding the field of aviation.


165 EUR per person.

Special requirements

Flight can only be carried out at daytime and in good weather conditions.

Maximum passenger weight: 110 kg

Level of difficulty

The flight is peaceful and adrenaline-free. The instructor pays regard and adjusts to the specific wishes and well-being of the passenger. Suitable for all generations.


In order to book a flight, contact the NATUR BAJTA reception. A reservation of at least 5 days in advance is required.

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