Archery is a dynamic sport suitable for all generations. Visitors can try their hand at archery skills at the Gradišnik tourist farm where Karli Gradišnik, a former European archery champion in the 3D category, used to pass his knowledge to new generations of archers. You can rent a bow and arrows and go on a 3-kilometre-long 3D archery adventure deep in the forest. There you will encounter 28 different plastic animal targets, simulating bow hunting.


Bow rental and instructor: 10 EUR/person

Bow rental, instructor and 3D track: 20 EUR/person

3D track (28 targets): 13 EUR/person

3D track (a day ticket): 15 EUR/person

Lost arrow: 8 EUR

Activity includes

Bow rental, an experienced instructor

Level of difficulty



In order to book an archery adventure, contact the NATUR BAJTA reception A reservation of at least 5 days in advance is required.

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