A half-day trip along the Panoramic Road of Solčava

Head to the Panoramic Road of Solčava, also known as the road of the most spectacular views. It leads past many pearls of natural and cultural heritage of the region and self-sustaining high mountain farms, and offers breath-taking views of high mountain peaks and beautiful valleys. As you explore the interesting and mysterious paths, you will encounter a loyal and informative companion – Krištof, the shepherd boy. He will take you along to help him look for his lost sheep, and reveal the story of the Solčava region on the way. To make things even more exciting, you will be asked to complete some tasks by no other than Lintver, the dragon. On the way, you will also be able to visit the source of mineral water and drink from it. It is believed to be the source of eternal youth. Then you will stop at the baroque Church of the Holy Spirit, one of the most distinctive features of the Panoramic Road of Solčava, and marvel at its fairy-tale view.