Hiking opens a doorway to unforgettable stories. You are welcome to explore the Rinka waterfall, the Potočka zijalka cave (the site where the world’s oldest needle was found), the Snow Cave, the path along the Logar valley, the ethnological park Fidov gaj, the panoramic road of Solčava, Belska Kočna, the Obir dripstone caves, and many other wonderful sites in the border region. The varied landscape offers easy walks along meadows, streams and through forests. For bolder hikers in search for some real mountaineering, there are a number of well-marked and maintained mountain trails leading to and past mountain huts (Grohot, Klemenča jama, Okrešelj) and outposts.


One can acquire maps of the Solčava region with marked hiking routes at the NATUR BAJTA reception desk. We are also at your disposal for any additional questions.

*For more trip options during your stay in NATUR BAJTA, read the Trip Ideas page.