The project Mountain Wood is a recognized, but not sufficiently utilized opportunity to improve the situation of local mountain wood and its products in the Upper Savinja and Šalek Valleys. Mountain wood is of higher quality and more durable than lowland wood. It grows under demanding conditions at an altitude of above 800 meters. Wood contains information and substances which trees have exchanged with the environment over the centuries. They are a reflection of a high mountain environment, free of pollutants. In cooperation with scientific institutions, we intend to prove that mountain wood has a lower content of heavy metals and is thus healthier. Nowadays, mountain wood from local forests is sadly sold at the price of ordinary wood. . A hundred years ago, larch wood from the Logar Valley was cut and transported to Trieste along the so-called Italian road. There, larch logs were used to make masts for ships. Many buildings in the municipality of Solčava are clad in mountain wood, e.g. the Solčava school, the Rinka Information Centre and the roof of the Church of Mary of the Snows. The latter is made from over 700-year-old wood which is neither cracked nor twisted despite its age. Due to its technological and aesthetic properties and advantages, mountain wood has a great untapped potential in development, which is why it has been dedicated a very special place in our family company. We kindly invite you to visit our online store and showroom, and take a look at the special section with products made entirely of mountain wood, which are the subject of the above-mentioned project.