There is a rock climbing area located at the entrance to the Logar Valley. A wide selection of routes of up to 20 meters in height and of all difficulty levels is a guarantee to suit and please anyone who wants to experience the pleasures of climbing on a natural rock wall. Climbing is suitable for beginners as well as experienced rock climbers. Participants are required to wear comfortable sports clothes. The rest of climbing equipment is provided by the Natur Bajta team.


3 hrs.

No. of people

2 – 8

Activity includes

rental of climbing equipment, an experienced mountain guide


2 people: 50 EUR/person

3 people: 45 EUR/person

4-6 people: 40 EUR/person

Personal equipment



In order to book a rock-climbing adventure, contact the NATUR BAJTA reception. A reservation of at least 5 days in advance is required.

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